Independent online partner selection service for companies in need of audit services, legal services and consulting

Top Pacers is the ranking system of the best audit companies, consulting companies and law firms. We have created a list of TOP market representatives and sorted them according to various criteria, so that you can see their strong points, find the data you need and make the right decision. Alternatively you can order the selection of contractors from our specialists according to your detailed request and needs.

The Top Pacers team has extensive experience in collecting information, analyzing it, and building estimation algorithms. With the help of our expertise, we have created a system of forming ranking lists with different criteria helping to choose the best companies. The selection process is a trade secret, but we will openly share the essential criteria that will give companies a better chance of getting into Top Pacers.

Our mission is to encourage the development of audit, legal and consulting services as well as to create conditions for market growth and service export.
Using Top Pacers rankings, educational events and Top Pacers awards to the best of the best, we aspire to create proper environment for healthy competition that encourages companies to grow.